Rip Out (edited version)

you loved me whole from the gut
until my flesh was caught in your teeth
then you sliced me open with your heat
all I remember is fuck you and fuck me
and we fucked and forgot
until the words got caught in our mess

drank you down to my chest
and my eyes blinked through
to the skin on your left arm
but we couldn’t meet
your mouth was cutting both ways
but I took responsibility for the bleed

every closer flipped around
and pushed us further
you are not a monster
you are beautiful and biting
afraid of your own displays
I was open-armed when you came back around
you said I was pushing you away

so my eyes bled open for your stories
while you were slicing my arms and legs
my ears held your mouth while you lured me
(I just wanted you to stay)
but you spilled and split from sweet to scary
(if I was the one you wanted to marry)
I feel sorry for the rest

I was held up in your gums
just trying to wait for you
but you caught me with your molars
I couldn’t hold the weight of you
I held my breath and you had my heart
(in between fists)
you were eating down to my bones
(just choking)
on your own flipping script

I swear you don’t burn on purpose
you want wet and water
but when you feel scared
all you spit is flame
chewed through my arm
trying to get me to believe you loved me
honey, I knew
but your love leaves teeth marks

held your promises tight like pneumonia
clutching my breath
with your teeth around my neck
so now I fear
every crush
every kiss
every tattooed passionate potential
is just another you
with my eyes sunk deep in his skin
like two hearts that
rip out and then touch
rip out and then touch

like my lashes and your ink
are still connected
and anyone I meet
will be you in another face
your sweet salty arms
growing out of another body
waiting to engulf me
fuck me confused
love me closely
push me away
and then say
I never even gave us a chance

you are beautiful and boyish
with hot skin and sharp teeth
still learning how to grow up
wanted to play house together
but never met me on the same street

so I keep my distance
from tattoos
and passion
and boys who fuck like liars
like love me
like love me not
like your teeth
have marked my skin for the last time

my legs were wrapped around your waist
but your teeth came a little too close
to my bare buried face
you are beautiful and biting
but I’m ready to grow up now
please stop chewing on both our limbs now
I’ve loved you and learned from you
please let go of my flesh.

{This poem has been edited. You can see the original version here:}

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2 Responses to Rip Out (edited version)

  1. Wow, there is so much depth to this poem. And the level of emotion that it carries is so extreme that it captivates you throughout the read. Amazing work

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