Dear you (who I haven’t met yet)

Deep in the truest widest wettest part of me
I want somebody who laughs with their whole face
Somebody who smiles in pictures
but also looks pensive sometimes
Someone who’s thoughtful and animated
with thick arms and strong hands
Somebody whose hands fit well inside of me
I imagine you have lots of layers like me
And I hope you will widen for me
so I can pull you back and open,
looking in my eyes like “yes” and
“I’m here to let the hope in”
I know you sometimes come off hard but taste soft
I know we may come from different places
but you’ll always be honest with me
Put your all out on the table and
fuck me with your vulnerability
I know your face will look familiar
with full lips and a big mouth
I know you’ll like the way I feel in your mouth
You’re probably very verbal
and you’ll speak in ways that challenge me
But I know you’re also as silly as me
laugh-out-loud weird as me
And you never knew where to look
but you’ve been patiently waiting for me
I know you’ll be patient with me
gasp at the sight of me
with big eyes to see the entirety of me
without being frightened by me
You’ll probably live nearby
or be willing to travel for me
Climb up on top of me
and use your whole body on me
I know you’ve loved and fucked hard for clarity
just so you can trust with your soul and blood
that this is it and it’s here and now in the shape of me
And when you finish with the first taste of me
I’ll drop to my knees and say,
“what took you so long?”
all the while knowing
you’ve just been waiting for me.

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