What Hateful Sermons Taught Me About Love

I wrote about coming into my identity and coming out to my family by accident, and some of the things that came up for me back in January after listening to Kim Burrell’s sermon that went viral.

Here’s an excerpt:

I don’t believe on a soul level that anybody actually thinks they are better or more lovable because of their gendered embodiment, their desire, or who they date, love, or fuck. I don’t believe any smart person actually believes that alienating entire groups of people or an individual person is a Godly act.

I think that what manifests as homophobia and transphobia is a way to distract people from themselves. It gives them a way to quiet that voice we all have that says we aren’t good enough.

Every time we enforce an inherent hierarchy of worth, that voice gets softer — if only for a moment.


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2 Responses to What Hateful Sermons Taught Me About Love

  1. I have so missed your energy. Glad

    • Thanks, Crystal ❤ It was so nice to see this comment today. I should be back with something new pretty soon. Just working out some editing things. I hope you're having a peaceful transition to Fall ❤ ❤ ❤

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