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The Width of Becoming (Learning How to Love The Shape of My Face)

I’ve been told so many lies about the cut of my face, I’ve tried to cut it clean off. I’ve tried to shape it into something else. I think the thing about masculinity in women, is that it’s wildly beautiful. I think it’s breath-taking and I’ve gasped at the scent of it. But when you are named that way, without identifying that way, it is cold and sharp. It hurts your face and stabs your good side. I think that I am old enough and wise enough now, to know the shape of my own face. I think I know how to trace my own heart. And I think the outline is beautiful. Continue reading

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My poems, “Song of Myself” and “Opening on Your Closing” are in the latest edition of Typoetic on pages 53, and 64-65. The first one is a love letter to myself. The second one is about trauma. *one of the … Continue reading

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Swimming in Patchwork

{Beyond The Honeymoon} I love water. Being in water is the only time I feel completely covered in everything I love. I was just 8 months old, the first time I was immersed in water. And since then, whenever I … Continue reading

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Chasing Tails

{Beyond The Honeymoon} My childhood self was a hopeless romantic, as well as a Selective Mute. I was very shy and very sensitive. And I think having the experience of being shut down when you try to speak, is one … Continue reading

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