Loss For Words: Selective Mutism And The Complexity Of Sexual Assault

My essay about consent, disability and my orientation, went live on The Establishment this week!

Here’s an excerpt:

I know I will never like boys the way I am supposed to when I become suffocated by his head and arms. He thinks he is kissing me. I know this part is supposed to feel good, but it feels very rough and I do not know why. Usually I pick the boys to do the things because I like them and they say nice things or hold my hands. But today is different. I am cold and glazed over. I am not sure but I think I have become a doll. I have stopped being a girl and I do not like being a thing.

* Discussion of assault*


[Image description: Cartoon girl with big textured hair; hair and face colored with shades of brown, light brown and tan. She looks sad and appears to be a person of color. Maybe she is supposed to be me.]

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