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JKLM (I wrote you this letter)

you will hold your corpse above him where his hair used to be Continue reading

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Dear You (Who Isn’t Ready For Me)

in all of my openings there is a silent space a width that expands or a come hither or the larger part of the most honest part of me and it spells ‘yes’ like lips parting and breath leaving or … Continue reading

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Longer Around

I’m rounded and warm on the table
a solid bowl for you
in the wake of your flesh leak, I think mostly of your eyes
the outline of the space between your give and my bite
or the shadow that follows the shape of you, when you’re facing me
now I am out and over, with a spoon
ready to be slapped or served to you Continue reading

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What is white that fits in Black and white halves and Black smash? I bet his hands would hold the stretch I bet my body would shake, if pressed I was full of sex and honesty full of him and … Continue reading

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